Getting close to ten

We’re moving slow. Very slow. We have something like seven songs almost finished. Three more and we’re at the end of the rainbow.

In the meantime we’re gonna try to update a bit more frequently and keep you posted on cool stuff.

For fox is a go!

Johan is back in Sweden. Everything is back to normal. Samma samma alltså.

Here we go!

Now it’s out in the open. Song number 6 of the 27 Songs from Barcelona.

Listen and download the song here or listen to right here in the player to the right.


It’s a go! The 27 songs from Barcelona is on their way.

First out is our good friend Daniel. The songs will keep coming for the next 27 days. Don’t miss any of them!!!

Late night.

It’s late. I really should be sleeping. I just bought an iPhone, and this picture is like some sort of advanced metaphysics… We’ve rehearsed twice now. It sounds fantastic. If you come to Debaser on february 5th you’re in for a treat. For now: good night. /Rikard

The train is leaving the station.

Tonight we will be rehearsing for the first time. It’s a big, almost unbelievable step for ForFox. Mattias and Jacob will join us on drums and bass. We are excited like children on christmas eve. Let’s hope for no disasters.

It’s important to be well rested for this evening. This is how I prepare:

see you on the other side.


Exciting times! Whhoohhoo!

27 of January can’t come fast enough. That’s the date when the 27 songs from Barcelona starts flooding the world wide web. Johan’s song “What should I do” witch is a For Fox tune will be released 1 of February as a download. Rikards song “Nothin Like the Mornin” kicks into gear on the third. We will put up all links and stuff when it goes live.

In the mean time listen to two songs on the right or on myspace. After that, head over to Facebook and join our fan page.

Winter is awesome. But summer is touring.

You always want what you don’t have. Why is that?! Just now when we got the perfect winter weather I wish I was on a tour bus heading to places I didn’t know existed. It’s beautiful thing to crawl to bed after a show with your head filled with new memories.

For Fox will tour someday, if just for one show.

Ok. We have take off.

Here are two tracks. We think we are finished. But who knows. Hope you will like it.

Listen in our player on the right or on myspace.

Take care!

Always remember, safety first.

We’re getting ready to put up our first song. Heading down to Malaysia (it’s the name of our hangout) in an hour or so to lay the finishing touches on a song. Everything is prepared and I’m nervous as hell.